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Exercise 1

Butterfly Stretch




everstretch side leg pull exercise



Sit on the floor in the Butterfly stretch position. Keep your back straight and lower your shoulders down.


Carefully loop the band around the middle of your foot, bring the band around behind your back and loop it around your other foot. Be sure to position the band just slightly above the top of your hips.


Remain in this position for 20 to 30 seconds.


Notes: If there is not enough tension on the band; you can tie a knot in the band to make it shorter (search for “EverStretch tie knot” on YouTube).

Challenge 1:

Begin to pull your heels inward and towards yourself while gently pressing your elbows on your knees to bring your legs towards being even with the floor.

Challenge 2:

Lean your body forward down towards the floor. Stay in this position for 20 seconds.

Muscles Targeted:

Hip adductors.


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