About you :

Now I live in Madrid because I’m studying here but I’m from a small town called Jaca called Jaca located in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

How did you get introduced to Ballet ?

I have always been an artist, at home I set up my own shows for the whole family, but it was since I saw my sister when she was only 4 years old on a stage with two buns and a pink tutu, that I noticed dance. I started at the same school as my sister at age 10.

When did Ballet get “serious” ?

At first it was a hobby for me, like the boy who plays soccer after school, in my case, I went to ballet classes. But I started to take it more seriously thinking about the future when my teachers believed in me and signed me up to national dance competitions. Then 4 years ago I got signed up for international events. Seeing that my efforts were rewarded, encouraged me to continue working.

Can you share your biggest challenges?

There haven’t been great things so far because I'm still young but, without a shadow of a doubt, the contests outside of Spain at an international level competing with other dancers from all over the world were my biggest challenge. Luckily I have been recognized in these competitions being lucky enough to take awards and recognition for my work.

How do you handle pressure ?

The world of dance is filled with pressure. Few people get to the top and all of us who love dancing fight with the hope of reaching the top, but often this hope falls down.
We dancers work with our body and sometimes it does not perform the way we want. Anyone can have a bad day, but this bad day can become drama when it comes to dancing; You can go on stage, have an outstanding performance and get backstage proud of yourself and the time invested in working or conversely, rethinking whether all the effort is worth it.
I think that this last issue is a question that all the dancers wonder about constantly, but the passion for dancing is so strong that it always makes you persist.

Can you share your thoughts on self-consciousness ?

Everyone gets nervous before going on stage, but controlling it has to be learned. Handling your nerves is necessary. Of course you get nervous, but it's time to show the people your talents and you want everything to go well.

How did your passion influence your life in other ways ?

My passion has a strong influence on my life. When it is time to get together with your friends sometimes you can’t because you have rehearsals, or before when I was studying in high school because it was very expensive to combine so many hours of dancing daily with studies. But if you are motivated, anything can be achieved. Besides I am a huge party person, I like to have fun and forget the routines. Actually there is time for everything.

What does your daily routine look like?

In my previous stage I danced four hours a day in the afternoon plus the weekend when I had to attend high school in the morning, but now here in Madrid at 09:00 am, I am with two hands at the beam doing the first warm up exercise until 17:30 at least. 

And what about your flexibility training? where does that fit in?

There are people who are born with it, but I didn’t have that luck. When I was little I didn’t have such skills even though a classical dancer needs flexibility. Now I am in full shape but it has been years of training. Now if I take time without dancing once in a while I need to stretch my body in order to feel better, you can see how my body has changed hahaha.

What keeps you motivated?

The motivation consists of watching videos and photos of the greatest dancers to become like them. I use a lot of social networks and there are many accounts of all types of dance, from professionals to students.

What are your future plans/goals/dreams?

My future plans are to finish my studies at the High Conservatory of Dance "Maria de Avila" and start to working in a professional company. Furthermore, apart from dancing I would like to do some modeling.

Any tips for passionate Ballet dancers starting out?

I would tell people who start dancing now above all that they follow their passion, that is a very important condition to achieve your dream.
Other than all the technical knowledge that a dance teacher can give you, above all, as Isica Duncan said, when asked what is needed to dance, she answered INTELLIGENCE.

Anything you’d like to promote?

Another extra that being a ballet dancer has also given me has been to make me gain authority in social networks, although I also have followers now who have nothing to do with dancing, they just follow me because they like me as I am.

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