Mariana Galindo Gómez
Mariana Galindo Gómez
Tell us a little bit about yourself :)

I’m 22 years old and currently living in Mexico City. I recently graduated from “Universidad Anáhuac” in Management and Business Administration. I started dancing ballet when I was only 4 years old and I have not stopped dancing ever since. I’ve practiced many types of dancing from ballet to salsa to pole dancing.

How did you get introduced to dancing?

I was introduced to pole dancing three years ago. I remember that one day after ballet class my teacher came to me and told me she had just hired a pole dancing teacher, so she suggested I gave the class a try.

A week later I went to my first pole dancing class, the teacher taught us some basic pole spins. I got interested in pole dancing the minute I started practicing those moves.

When did dancing get “serious”?

Since I was little, I loved to dance. It has always been my passion. The feeling I get the moment my body starts to move is indescribable, it’s as if the whole world just faded and the only ones left were the music and me.

Can you share your biggest challenges?

The biggest challenge I have ever faced is myself. We all have those days when everything goes wrong and we think that maybe we are just not good enough. When I had a ballet performance there was always a problem, from falling in the middle of your solo to forgetting a part of the choreography, the thing was to always get back up on your feet and to never give up.

I still believe that anyone is capable of achieving anything they set their mind to.

Mariana Galindo Gómez
Mariana Galindo Gómez
How do you handle pressure?

Most dancers are perfectionists, including myself, so there is always going to be some pressure, whether you are about to perform or you are practicing a new move. But, nobody is perfect, so over the years I have learned to keep trying to be a better version of myself every day.

Can you share your thoughts on self-consciousness?

Performing always makes me nervous, so before every performance, I try to concentrate and go over each step of my choreography.

In the end, it is all about enjoying every minute of it and trust yourself.

What was your most embarrassing moment (in regards to your dancing of course)?

The one time I was in the middle of an exam and the woman who was grading us dictated a choreography. As the pianist started to play, I began to dance. Halfway through the choreography I fell and the music stopped playing, everyone was just staring at me, I felt so embarrassed. I couldn’t stay there laying on the floor, so I got up and just started dancing without music until I completed the choreography.

When the exam results came in I was scared to see mine, turns out I passed it with a very good grade after all. I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t got up and finished the choreography.

Mariana Galindo Gómez
Mariana Galindo Gómez
How did dancing influence your life in other ways?

Dancing definitely gave me the confidence to do anything I set my mind to and to accept myself for who I am.

What does your daily routine look like?

I start my day by getting up at 5:00 am, normally I go to the gym and train CrossFit, then I go to work. I am currently working on an insurance carrier.

After work, I normally go to pole dancing class, although sometimes I go to practice aerial dance. On the weekends, I like to spend my morning training pole dancing too.

And what about your flexibility training? Where does that fit in?

My flexibility training began when I started to dance. At the end of every ballet class, our teacher would stretch us. Since then, I have worked really hard to become more flexible.

So now, I stretch after every workout or class, one day I’ll do exercises to stretch my back, others to stretch my legs to do some splits.

Mariana Galindo Gómez
What keeps you motivated?

I would love to compete next year, so every day I train and give my best to get better. I also like to follow other dancers accounts on Instagram, when I see their posts and all they can accomplish I get really motivated and hope that someday I’ll be able to do all of those things.

What are your future plans/goals/dreams?

Besides competing, I am currently working because I am saving up to open a dance academy. I would love to be a dance teacher and pass onto the other people all the things that I have learned over the years, to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Any tips for passionate people starting out dancing?

Dancing is a challenge, it never gets easier and there is always going to be something new to learn.

No one gets better overnight, so don;t give up, be patient and consistent. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not good enough. Remember that you can achieve everything you set your mind to.

Anything you’d like to share?
Mariana Galindo Gómez

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